Green Magazine

July 2018


Super Saturday: a political contest for the ages

Super Saturday is fast approaching, with five federal seats going to the polls on July 28. So how did we get here, and what does it mean for the Greens?

Why the naysayers are getting UBI all wrong

Universal basic income is often shot down by critics as unrealistic and a waste of money – but according to Mark Norrish, it’s anything but.

Superpowering our way towards critical mass

We‘re living in a point in history that‘s beset by upheaval, social change and collective outrage around the world – so how close are we to a tipping point?

Also this month

Taking the Green message abroad

What kind of impact are the Greens making outside of Australia? Former senator Scott Ludlam shares his insights from abroad, where he’s been working with the Global Greens to train emerging Green parties in far-flung nations.

20 Questions with Chilla Bulbeck

WA Greens Convenor Chilla Bulbeck gives us a glimpse into what makes her tick, and tells us why she's so committed to the Greens.