Green Magazine

September 2018


Greens activism at home and abroad

The Greens are committed to making a difference in Australia and all around the world – but there is so much more we can all do.

A future for all of us

Kicking off a national tour in Melbourne in early September, Richard Di Natale shares the Greens’ vision for the future.

Opt to op: how to shop more sustainably

Ahead of Op Shop Week beginning on 30 September, we examine the impact of fashion on the environment – and how you can opt out by op shopping.

Also this month

Supporting women in the Asia Pacific

Through the work of the International Development Committee (IDC), the Australian Greens are committed to supporting women to thrive in Green parties around the world.

20 Questions with Joana Partyka

We pull back the curtain to reveal the person behind Green Magazine each month: the Greens’ National Communications Officer Joana Partyka.