Australian Greens Annual Report 2018

Delivering a future for all of us: Richard Di Natale

In 2018 the Greens have contributed to blocking harmful laws, worked to improve legislation that became law, and helped pass important motions in the Senate,

A cracker of a year: Alex Schlotzer and Rebecca Galdies

While we still face challenges as an organisation, the Australian Greens continue to go from strength to strength.

Taking on the old parties: Adam Bandt

As the old parties try to tear themselves and the social fabric of this country apart, our roles as the Greens becomes even more important.



Standing up for the people: Rachel Siewert

This year has been full of intense campaigning around reducing inequality, defending vulnerable Australians and protecting our climate.

The fight continues: Nick McKim

2018 has been a year of fighting for human rights, refugees, and Tasmania’s precious forests, mountains and coastline.

The campaign starts now: Sarah Hanson-Young

It’s been a busy year in Canberra and in South Australia, with environmental and sexism issues featuring prominently on the agenda.



We make the difference: Peter Whish-Wilson

It’s been another year where we Greens have been doing what we’re meant to do.

A whirlwind of a year: Jordon Steele-John

It’s been a whirlwind of a year since taking office – one in which we've campaigned on a number of important issues.

Together we can: Janet Rice

Another big year – and gearing up for a federal election, we need the Greens more than ever.



Turning the page: Lee Rhiannon

The past year was one of highs and lows – and of beginnings and endings.

A busy and productive year: Viv Glance

It’s been a busy and productive year for the Australian Greens in the international space.

Building the path to success: Nick Cooper

This year, we aimed to provide predictability and set the organisation on a path to success ahead of the next federal election.



A humbling experience: Rosanne Bersten and Sean Mulcahy

Over the past year, the AGPCC has helped facilitate a policy review process that’s been incredibly humbling.

Summary financial results: The Australian Greens

Summary of the Australian Greens' financial results in 2018.

National Office activities: Brett Constable

A year of strengthening the foundations upon which we grow.