From the Convenor: Catherine Garner

By Catherine Garner

2021 has proven yet again that we live in an unprecedented period of human history. The total failure of the Morrison government to protect and provide our communities has demonstrated yet again that the neoliberal agenda prioritises business and capital over the lives of ordinary people.

Election preparation

Over the past twelve months people at all levels of the party have begun to prepare for the upcoming federal election campaign. No matter when the election is called we will be ready to run our most well organised, well-funded and strategically dynamic federal campaign. Across the country, we are building an incredible group of candidates, campaign teams and volunteers going out and speaking to voters about the Greens’ positive plan for Australia.

National Conference

Our national conferences continue to be events that inspire and encourage members and supporters. The move to an online format has allowed us to make our conferences more accessible to members who wouldn’t be able attend otherwise. In light of, this National Council has agreed to make sure that one Conference each year is online to improve accessibility.

National Council

National Council continues to work in a positive and collaborative manner – sometimes in very challenging circumstances! Over time we are developing a high level of trust, cooperation and commitment to tackle the tasks of administrating a complex and growing political organisation.

National Council has deftly navigated the challenges of online and hybrid meetings while working on important tasks such as the Funding Formula Review and the Constitutional Review. The work of National Council continues to receive invaluable support from the Campaign Management Team, the federal party room team, and the Australian Greens Policy Coordinating Committee.


As the end of my third term as co-convenor ends I wanted to take this opportunity to thank some of the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with.

Thank you to my fellow co-convenors Willisa Hogarth, and Josh Wyndham-Kidd, both dedicated party members who continue to devote their skills and abilities to the party.

Thanks to Brett Constable, AG National Manager, and the staff team all doing extraordinary work on the smell of an oily rag!

To the office bearer team, a wonderful, supportive and funny group of people to work alongside.

All the members and delegates of National Council who work tirelessly to grow our party. I want to acknowledge the hard work of all our elected representatives working for a better world at all levels of government. The final thanks must of course go to all our members and supporters, the hard work and dedication of individual grassroots members are the powerhouse of our party.


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