Australian Greens Voted to Support Reforms to Require Parliament to Vote on When to Send Australian's to War


Senator Jordon Steele-John has today moved a vote on his Private Senators Bill the Defence Amendment (Parliamentary Approval of Overseas Service) Bill 2020. The bill would require parliamentary approval for the deployment of ADF personnel overseas. 20 years on from the invasion of Iraq and in the shadow of the AUKUS political deal, it is more important than ever that Australians know who exactly is deciding to go to war. 

Quotes attributed to Senator Jordon Steele-John, Greens spokesperson for Peace and Foreign Affairs: 

“Over the last 20 years, the Prime Minister and Cabinet have time and time again unilaterally decided to follow the United States into conflicts like Afghanistan and Iraq with disastrous outcomes.”

“In 2003, John Howard was able to send Australians to fight an illegal war in Iraq despite the overwhelming opposition of the community because of legal loopholes and a system that lacks any accountability or transparency.” 

“Instead of taking the time to reflect on the invasion of Iraq and how we can avoid repeating the same mistakes, the Albanese government seems determined to repeat them by refusing any meaningful reform.”

“We urgently need to reform the way Australia goes to war so that we are never again dragged to war based on the lies of politicians. The Greens want to see a vote in the parliament before ADF troops are deployed overseas, and an end to military pacts like AUKUS that will drag us into wars we shouldn’t participate in. “

“The community want to see change, 87% of Australians want to see parliament have final approval of the decision to go to war. It’s disappointing, yet not surprising, that the Albanese government joined with the Liberals and voted no. =

“Australian Labor refused to listen to the Australian people, their own membership and former Labor Prime Minister Simon Crean - who all want reform.“


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