Australia's environment needs protection, not Green Wall Street


The Nature Repair Market Bill, introduced by Environment Minister Plibersek today, raises serious concerns about the Government’s environmental reform priorities.

The Greens spokesperson for the environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Australia’s environment needs protection, not a ‘Green Wall Street’ propped up by bogus offsets.

“Nothing in this Bill will save Australia’s koalas from extinction. Until we have laws that protect critical habitat and stop native forest logging, no amount of market spin will save nature.

“The inclusion of offsets as part of a market intended to repair nature is a red flag. What is to stop this from becoming a free pass for industry to continue destroying the environment?

“It is completely illogical to prioritise a nature market before we address the much needed environmental reform that should underpin this market.

“We must implement stronger environmental standards and establish an independent environment watchdog as an urgent priority. The Nature Repair Market should be off the table until this time.”