Climate change cooking our festivals, culture: Greens


The Greens say climate change threatens our culture and way of life as soaring temperatures threaten multiple large music festivals and cultural events across Australia today.

Thousands of festival goers have been told not to travel to Pitch music festival in Victoria, while extreme heat threatens events including Golden Plains, and WOMAD in South Australia.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is Greens Spokesperson for the Arts and the Environment:

“Climate change is cooking our culture and our festivals.

“Tens thousands of Australians have been looking forward to spending this weekend with their mates and family to enjoy music, culture and euphoric vibes.

“Coal, gas and native forest logging projects are a threat to our culture and our way of life.

“Young people and music lovers around Australia will be crestfallen today. They should also be furious at the corporations and politicians pouring petrol on the fire that is the climate crisis.

“Unless we start protecting native forests and stopping more fossil fuel projects, it’s scary to think how this will get worse and our festivals will continue to be disrupted into the future.

“If you care about music and culture, it’s time to get active in stopping the climate crisis - that means fixing our environment laws to say ‘no more coal, gas or native forest logging.’”