Government must act on abattoir allegations


Last night’s 7.30 report exposed the horrific suffering endured by pigs in Australian abattoirs when they are stunned using CO2 before slaughter. The footage made it clear that the pig industry’s assurances that their methods of stunning are humane and painless cannot be trusted.

Greens Deputy Leader and Animal Welfare spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi has called on the Government to urgently respond to the allegations.

Senator Faruqi said:

“Last night’s 7.30 report exposed the truth about how pigs spend their final moments in Australian abattoirs- gasping, shrieking, frothing at the mouth, thrashing around and in absolute terror as they suffocate to death in gas chambers.

“For years, industry has led consumers to believe gassing is a humane way to kill pigs and that the pigs simply drift off painlessly into a never-ending sleep. The distressing, graphic footage of pigs fighting for their life showed that to be a complete lie.

“Activists and whistle-blowers have played a vital role in exposing animal cruelty over the years, often at tremendous personal cost. We owe them a great debt of gratitude.

“But it's unacceptable that brave activists have to put their personal liberty at stake to expose what the community has a right to know. State and federal governments should require the installation of CCTVs in abattoirs and overturn the ag-gag laws which  protect big agribusiness from scrutiny and transparency. 

“The pig industry declined an interview with 7.30, wouldn’t respond to written questions and wasn’t interested in even watching the footage. Pigs deserve better, as do the public. Governments need to step in and pull this arrogant industry into line.

“We need to phase out the killing of pigs with high concentrations of CO2  and find a more humane alternative. 

“The Greens have long called for the government to establish strong national animal welfare laws with enforcement powers and an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. I reiterate those calls today.”