Greens move for Optus outage Senate Inquiry with CEO “phoning it in”


The Greens have moved for an urgent Senate Inquiry into the Optus outage affecting millions of Australians, saying the company has failed to be accountable and transparent in why it has failed to provide an essential service. 

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is Greens Spokesperson for Communications and will move for the urgent Senate Inquiry today in Parliament:

“Around 10 million Australians rely on Optus for their essential communications and internet needs. 

“It’s unacceptable for this prolonged outage to occur without basic accountability from this huge corporation.

“It’s not good enough that Optus has failed to front a press conference or the public properly, with the CEO instead “phoning it in” for a radio interview.

“The Greens will today move for an urgent Senate inquiry into what has happened and what must be done to prevent this sort of outage occuring again.

“The health, welfare and economic interests of many Australians and businesses have been acutely affected by this outage.

“The public expect and deserve better and the Greens will push to get the answers that are needed. 

“Optus has been so focused on it’s profits. It must focus on it’s customers and it’s ability to deliver a basic service.”