Greens welcome first water buybacks since breakthrough Murray Darling Basin agreement


Responding to Minister Plibersek's announcement, Greens Spokesperson for the Environment said:

"The announcement of a successful buyback of 26GL is an important first step towards fulfilling the Murray Darling Basin Plan after a decade of delay.

"The Greens have long been fighting for voluntary water buybacks as the most efficient way to restore health to our dying rivers. The commitments secured by the Greens last year have proven critical in holding the Government to account on returning water to our precious rivers.

"This announcement is a good first step, and demonstrates the importance of the agreement secured with the Greens to lift the cap on water buybacks. However, the job is not done. Thanks to the Greens, the Minister is required by law to return 450GL of water needed to protect the Coorong, lower lakes and Murray Mouth - we need to see this water flowing as soon as possible.

"For too long corporate greed and over-extraction has put our rivers at risk, but there are no jobs on a dead river. We must see more water flowing before the next election to protect the river system from water shortages, mass fish kills, and environmental degradation."