Abolishing the Cashless Debit Card is a start, but we must end all compulsory income management


Australian Greens Social Services spokesperson Senator Janet Rice has welcomed the end of the cashless debit card in four affected communities, and funding for services in these  communities, but is calling for an end to all compulsory income management. 


Senator Rice said:


“The Greens are glad to see that Labor has responded to the calls from impacted communities to provide funding for extra services as the CDC is repealed. 


“That was a key recommendation in our Senate inquiry report, and the Greens will be moving an amendment to ensure the Minister reports on the consultation and delivery of that funding. 


“But we need more action than just abolishing the CDC. Across Australia, more than twenty thousand people are still trapped under compulsory income management. 


“Compulsory income management is punitive, harmful and does not work. It fails to address the underlying structural factors that contribute to disadvantage.


“All compulsory income management must end. The Greens will be moving an amendment in the Senate to abolish all compulsory income management and ensure a transitional services plan for everyone, not just the CDC trial sites that are ending.”