ADHD Senate inquiry to hold third public hearing ahead of final recommendations next month


The third and final public hearing of the Greens-led Senate inquiry into Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessment and Support Services will take place in Melbourne tomorrow, Tuesday 26th September. 

The hearing will invite a range of organisations and individuals to provide evidence to the historic inquiry. Among those scheduled to appear at the hearing are prominent writer and ADHD advocate Em Rusciano and Guardian journalist Matilda Boseley.

Around one in 20 Australians have ADHD, which is widely dismissed and misunderstood despite the significant impairment and dysfunction it can create.

The ADHD hearing will take place on Tuesday September 26 at the Savoy Hotel in Melbourne, with members of the public welcome to attend the full-day event.

The ADHD inquiry’s final report, which includes recommendations to the government, will be published on Wednesday October 18.

Lines attributable to Senator Jordon Steele-John, Australian Greens spokesperson on Disability Services, Health and Mental Health:

“The powerful testimony I’ve heard from the lived experience community over the past few months has confirmed exactly why the ADHD inquiry was so critical to begin with.

“Again and again, I’ve heard that cost, wait time and stigma present huge barriers to people seeking assessment and support services for ADHD in Australia. Again and again, I’ve heard about the immeasurable impact these barriers can have on their lives every single day.

“I’m so proud of how staunchly the ADHD community has pushed for this inquiry and how generous folks have been in sharing with the committee what are often quite distressing experiences.

“I’m also very humbled to support ADHDers and their loved ones to get access to the life-affirming services they need and deserve, and I will continue to do so beyond the life of this inquiry.

“I’m really looking forward to what the third and final hearing of the ADHD inquiry in Melbourne will yield, and I hope to see the community’s experiences properly reflected in the final report to be released next month.”

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