Albo's PEP-11 position is a cop out


In the lead up to the last federal election Anthony Albanese told voters “a Labor Government that I lead will rule out PEP-11” and said “our position on PEP-11 is clear, it’s a bad idea and only a Labor Government will stop it, no ifs- no buts” and even reiterated to parliament that the project “should be consigned to the dustbin of history, where it belongs. This is a complete no-brainer.”

Now the Morrison Government’s decision to stop PEP-11 looks set to be overturned by the Federal Court, the Greens call on the Albanese Government to walk the talk on PEP-11. 

Quotes attributable to Greens spokesperson for healthy oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson: 

“Anthony Albanese talked a big game in opposition about stopping the toxic offshore oil and gas drilling project PEP-11, but contrary to his election promise all we’ve had this week from the Prime Minister is excuses. 

“The Prime Minister’s claim that PEP-11’s fate is now a matter of regulatory procedure is an absolute cop out; his government has the power to legally kill the project! 

“Anthony Albanese could at least personally assure the communities that rallied to stop PEP-11 that he will fight to uphold his election promise. 

“This is a serious test for the Prime Minister: is he going to stay true to his words on stopping this grossly unpopular climate bomb or is he going to pander to fossil fuel companies and hide behind excuses of procedural propriety? 

“My Fight for Australia's Coastline Bill will be brought on for debate in the Senate today. If passed this Bill will protect the PEP-11 permit area from oil and gas drilling forever. It would also set a precedent for permanently stopping destructive offshore oil and gas exploration on our oceans. If the Albanese Government wants to avoid shooting itself in the foot on PEP-11, it should have the sense and decency to back this Bill.” 

Quotes attributable to NSW Greens spokesperson for mining, coal and gas, Sue Higgins MLC:

“PEP-11 is an unreasonable and dangerous project that is universally opposed by communities from Sydney’s Northern Beaches through to Newcastle.

"While Captain's calls on resource projects are not acceptable legally, neither are projects that are socially, environmentally and economically reckless and not in the public interest. 

"Once the Court proceedings are settled, these bully gas corporations must accept that there is no place for their project and take the next step and withdraw their plans and exploration applications.

"The NSW community has been vocally opposing this project for years and it's time that they are assured by all governments that it will never go ahead.”