ANAO report highlights failures of DHS compliance measures and recent events show it’s getting worse: Greens


An Australian National Audit Office report shows a dysfunctional crackdown on the social safety net before the large scale automated debt recovery system even begun, with saving targets not even met in most cases.

“Anyone taking a flick through the ANAO report can see that an erosion of the social safety net has been going on for some time and that the approach has long been in disarray”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“The Government has been coming after struggling Australians for a long time, and in the process have had flawed oversight and administration, as well as failed savings targets.  

“The department haven't been able to manage these measures, the Government went full steam ahead on the automated debt recovery process regardless; causing dismay and stress to thousands of vulnerable Australians when quite obviously they couldn't handle it.

“It is laughable that the Government has tried to dispute the report’s findings that target savings were not achieved. Clearly this has been back of the envelope accounting from the Government to undermine the findings of the audit”.