Another day, another coal mine given Plibersek stamp


Yesterday Minister Plibersek waved through another coal mine in Queensland, Star Coal, deeming that it would not have significant impact on the environment.

Greens spokesperson for the Environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

"Another day, another new coal mine, approved without concern for the environment.

"Minister Plibersek has just waved through a new coal mine in QLD, claiming that it will have no significant impact on our environment.

"The fact that any new fossil fuel project is allowed under our laws, no matter how big or small, is a red flag. It is the Environment Minister’s job to protect the environment, not hide behind bureaucracy as an excuse to allow more polluting fossil fuels.

"The Minister cannot say she is taking action on the environment or climate while approving new coal and gas projects. An environment plan that doesn't stop pollution is not a real plan for the environment.

"Australia's environment laws are clearly broken. Polluting projects are failing to be assessed for the emissions they create. We desperately need a climate trigger which will stop new coal and gas in its tracks."