Auditor General report shows Morrison Government is failing to save koalas from extinction


The Auditor General’s report into threatened species paints a bleak picture for the survival of Australia’s koalas and wildlife, the Greens Environment Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has said today.

“The report by the Auditor General into the management of Australia’s threatened species and wildlife is a damning assessment of the Morrison Government’s treatment of our environment and native animals. 

“The independent audit report reveals that Australia’s most endangered species like the koala, the leadbeater’s possum and the swift parrot stand no chance against a bureaucracy that is ineffective and ill-equipped, and a Minister that is ignorant to their plight. 

“The figures themselves paint a dark picture for the survival of our threatened and endangered species. Some of our most iconic animals are on a pathway to extinction - that means gone forever. 

“The report details a litany of delays and missing information that is leaving almost 2000 threatened species without any plans to save them from extinction. 

“A lack of funding and concern from the Government is putting our Australian wildlife on death row. 

“It is no wonder Australia leads the world when it comes to extinction rates. It is a shameful record and one the Morrison Government should be ashamed of. 

“Our environment laws are failing to protect our animals and native species. Big developments, land-clearing and mining are destroying habitat and pushing our environment and wildlife to brink.  

“We need stronger laws, including assessing climate impacts of projects, and an independent watchdog to enforce them - because it clear the Environment Minister and the Government cannot be trusted to protect the environment.”