Australia a Pitt of despair in Glasgow


Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young responded to comments made today by Resources Minister Keith Pitt and the response in Glasgow to Australia's poor showing at COP26:

"Our allies around the world came to Glasgow with strong 2030 targets and a commitment to get out of coal and curb methane. The arrogant Morrison Government showed up with their plan to dig deeper into coal and gas and with absolutely no intention to take COP26 seriously.

"As an Aussie in Glasgow it is incredibly embarrassing, we are being shamed on the world stage and the consequences are deadly for people and our planet.

"In the midst of COP26, Australia’s Resources Minister Keith Pitt is committing to coal mines and seeking to open up as many as ten offshore regions around the country for oil and gas exploration.

"While more than 100 countries signed the methane pledge last week, Australia is pushing a methane-led recovery - which has nothing to do with cows and everything to do with the gas industry. 

"It’s clear the Morrison Government is delusional. 

"Tuvalu’s foreign minister gave a speech to the UN knee deep in water. Fiji’s Prime Minister, who I met on Thursday, urged Scott Morrison to increase Australia’s 2030 target and keep the faith with future generations. British Climate Change Committee chair Lord Deben has said he is disappointed with Scott Morrison, saying clearly you cannot go forward without signing up to eliminating coal.

"There isn’t just scepticism about Australia’s policies here in Glasgow, there is shame and anger. Either Scott Morrison and the fossil fuel cronies in his cabinet just don’t understand the climate crisis or they simply do not care. 

"COP heads into its final days of negotiations this week and Australia’s energy minister has gone home - that says it all."