Australian Greens respond to claims one-third of parents unsure about vaccination.


Australian Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale today said:

“Immunisation is one of the most successful public health initiatives ever, and has led to millions of lives being saved all over the world.

“Vaccines are a victim of their own success with many life-threatening illnesses now a distant memory in Australia but a decline in immunisation rates could see the return of some of these devastating diseases.

“As a doctor and a public health specialist, I urge all Australian parents to ensure that their kids are immunised.

“Not only do vaccines offer protection for individuals who are immunised, there is also a community benefit that allows people who cannot be immunised, including newborn children, to be protected from potentially lethal infections.

“As a public figure Senator Hanson will be responsible for the suffering of any child who succumbs to a vaccine preventable disease because their parent has accepted her dangerous and uninformed comments.”