Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert responds to news that the Government is tying social safety net cuts to the NDIS:


“Treasurer Morrison, stop robbing Peter to pay Paul. We should not be hacking billions from the social safety net to pay for the NDIS and you know it.

“The Treasurer is trying to pressure the Senate to support their cuts - this is a cheap trick".

“People with disability would no doubt be outraged that a young person had to wait five weeks in poverty to pay for the NDIS. 

“Why are tax loopholes still open for the super wealthy whilst the Government goes after struggling Australians? Why is negative gearing still part of the inflated housing landscape? There are other ways we could find money if in fact further resources are needed for the NDIS.

“You don’t build a strong society by pitting families against families. Both childcare and the NDIS could be funded if the Government dropped its fanatical approach to laying waste to our social safety net.

“This type of dirty politics is exactly what Australians are sick of. Young families, young people, people with disability, the aged, and struggling Australians deserve better”.