Australia’s worst kept secret: Government rules out a federal ICAC


The Greens say the PM’s admission that he has no interest in legislating an effective federal corruption watchdog is the final nail in the coffin of an historically terrible government.

Lines attributable to Greens deputy leader and spokesperson on democracy Senator Larissa Waters:

“This is the worst kept secret in Australia. We all know that the Morrison Government doesn’t really want a federal integrity body, and by revealing yesterday that he had no plans to amend the weak model he’s proposed he’s effectively admitted that no watchdog will happen if his government wins a fourth term.

“And who’s fault is it that literally no one thinks his model is worth a damn? Why everyone else’s of course!

“Morrison claims that his proposed body is ‘well thought through’, but it’s a sham that simply provides protection for dodgy parliamentarians - much like his entire prime ministership.

“My bill for a strong, independent and retrospective National Integrity Commission, that would be able to investigate anonymous tip-offs and hold public hearings, passed the Senate in 2019.

“The PM continually blocked this legislation from coming on for a vote in the House because he knows it’s effective and he knows that it would put half his cabinet under scrutiny.

“This man is not fit to lead. With Greens in balance of power after the election we can kick out this historically awful government and push the next government to establish a real ICAC with teeth.”