Bill Shorten’s electric vehicle backtrack shows you can’t trust Labor on climate, say Greens


Bill Shorten has today confirmed that Labor’s 50% by 2030 electric vehicle target isn’t an election promise, and that it “doesn’t mean that [it] will happen.”

“The Greens are extremely disappointed that Bill Shorten and Labor have caved in to the scare campaign from the climate deniers on the hard right on their electric vehicle policy,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport spokesperson.

“Labor’s backtrack on their already weak 50% by 2030 electric vehicle target shows that their commitments on climate change are all open to reversal under the slightest bit of pressure.”

“Having an electric vehicle target with no plan to get there is like saying you’re going to the moon with no plan to build a spaceship.”

“A real commitment to electric vehicles uptake will need subsidies, mandates, an accelerated build out of the fast charging grid, and a long term deadline to give industry certainty.”

“We need only look to Norway, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. These countries are already achieving their strong targets by using a mix of these mechanisms to drive electric vehicle uptake.”

“The Greens have a plan to get to 100% of new car sales being electric by 2030. This isn’t a target, it’s a promise that we would write into law.”

“Today’s backflip from Bill Shorten makes it clear that to deliver real action on climate change, we’re going to need Greens in the parliament to hold Labor to account.”