Broken environment laws are not a free pass to approve new fossil fuel projects


Responding to the Minister for the Environment’s excuse for approving the Isaac River coal mine, Greens spokesperson for Environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Minister Plibersek is defending her decision to approve a new coal mine because the law says she can. Well, the Minister herself has admitted that the law is broken.

“In 2023 there is no excuse for environmental approval to be given to new coal or gas projects without considering climate pollution.

“If the Albanese Government is truly committed to net zero, then introducing strong environmental laws with a climate trigger must be a priority.

“Polluting projects are failing to be assessed for the emissions they create. We desperately need a climate trigger to stop new coal and gas in its tracks.

“It is the Environment Minister’s job to strengthen our environment laws as an urgent priority, not use them as an excuse to pass destructive projects. Our climate and wildlife cannot afford further delay.

“All new fossil fuel approvals should be put on hold until we have a climate trigger in our environment laws.”