A change in CEO won’t fix Qantas’s problems - it’s time to consider bringing Qantas back into public hands


Lines attributable to Elizabeth Watson-Brown, MP for Ryan and Greens spokesperson for Transport, Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities:

“Alan Joyce has made Qantas’s name synonymous with price gouging, mismanagement, attacking workers’ pay and conditions, and scandal. I’m sure many Australians are happy to see him go.

“As CEO, Joyce has received bonuses of over $20 million, while workers and customers have lost out. Now that he’s being pushed out, the board should step in to ensure he receives no final bonus payout.

“But a change of CEO alone won’t fix Qantas’s problems. As long as Qantas remains a private, for-profit monopoly, we’re going to see more price gouging, more undermining of workers rights, more scandals.

“It’s time for a rethink. Instead of propping up Qantas’s profits, the government should take this moment to seriously look into bringing Qantas back into public ownership. 

“Bringing Qantas back into public hands would ensure no gouging or breaching of consumer rights, decent pay and conditions for workers, and fair prices for everyday travellers.”

“With 60% share of Australia’s aviation market, it makes no sense for Qantas to remain in private hands. Rather than protect Qantas’s monopoly status as ‘too big to fail’, the government should investigate bringing it back into public ownership.”