Childcare changes should be strengthened and brought forward


Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Education spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi has said that the government’s Cheaper Childcare Bill, introduced to parliament today, doesn’t go far enough, and should make early education and care universal and free.

Senator Faruqi said:

“We have an opportunity here to deliver universal and free childcare. This bill does not go anywhere near far enough.

“Expensive and inaccessible childcare has held women and families back for too long.

“Rather than spending $243 billion on the obscene Stage 3 Tax Cuts, we could have free childcare for a fraction of the cost.

“Making early childhood education and care free for all would be so beneficial for children, families and the whole community.

“This bill does not tackle the workforce crisis in early education. Educators must receive better pay and conditions that reflect the skill and responsibility of the work they do every day.

“At the very least, the bill should scrap the Activity Test that restricts access to subsidised childcare, and the new subsidy rates should be brought forward to commence at the start of next year rather than waiting until July. People need support now.”