Coalition continues to push through legislation no one wants


The Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Bill 2021 was passed into law yesterday despite some key stakeholders opposing it.  Senator Lidia Thorpe moved an amendment to the Bill to alert the Senate of these concerns, including the lack of proper consultation and the overregulation of industry. 

The Senate ignored these concerns and passed the bill into law anyway. 

"This Bill is a greedy little power grab. It is not supported by key stakeholders in the logistics, technology, and education sectors, among others.” Said The Greens spokesperson for Justice, Senator Lidia Thorpe. 

With the new powers in these new laws, The Minister can authorise the Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs to gather information, undertake an action (or direct that an action not be undertaken), or authorise the Australian Signals Directorate to intervene, when a cyber security incident has occurred, is occurring, or is likely to occur.”

"Even the Government controlled  Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security reported that there had been insufficient consultation by the Government but the Bill was passed by the Senate anyway. ”

"The Government and its spy agencies can now take over the operations of an industry based on the decision of the Minister.”

“This new law will  give the Minister considerable powers under the guise of protecting the security of critical infrastructure.”