Colette Harmsen


Greens Senator Nick McKim has described the gaoling of environmental activist Colette Harmsen for three months as manifestly unjust.

“Ms Harmsen’s sentence is an indictment on the politicians that voted for Tasmania’s draconian anti-protest laws. They should hang their heads in profound shame.”

“The real extremists are the psychopaths who profit from running corporations that cook the planet and destroy nature, and those in parliaments who facilitate their agenda.

“They are a threat to humanity and all life on Earth. Colette Harmsen has dedicated herself to preventing this epic, unrolling tragedy.”

“Ms Harmsen deserves our heartfelt thanks and strong support. It’s the politicians who made the laws under which Ms Harmsen was gaoled that deserve our anger.”

“People like Ms Harmsen are on the right side of history. They are fighting peacefully for the rights of our children and grandchildren to have a safe planet.”

“Governments will eventually realise they can’t arrest their way out of the climate and biodiversity crises. The gaols are simply not big enough.”

“Thanks for your courage Colette. Hope to see you on the streets and in the forests very soon.”