Court Win for Coal & Gas Shows Labor’s Environment Laws Broken


Response to today's legal decision on the Living Wonders case. Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is spokesperson for the Environment and currently has a Climate Trigger Bill before the Senate.

“Our environment laws are broken so long as they fail to tackle climate change.

“It shouldn’t fall on a small community group to take on the might of the fossil fuel industry and their accomplices in the Federal Government in court.

“The Environment Minister should be on the side of the environment to protect our climate, our rivers, our reef and public safety instead of teaming up with coal and gas companies.

“If Minister Plibersek wants to protect nature and tackle climate change she should work  with the Greens and back our Climate Trigger Bill in the Senate as part of the environment law reform she has promised. My door is open for that conversation in good faith.

“Australians voted for climate action at the last election, but every time the Government fights to approve a coal or gas project they are putting Australia at risk of more frequent and extreme bushfires this summer.”