DHS trawling social media to find Centrelink complaints only to intimidate recipients is huge concern: Greens


“It is deeply concerning that DHS staff have been trawling through social media to find people complaining about Centrelink to provide to the Minister”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.  

“They’re then taking these complaints and rather than seeking to remedy them, and might release your personal details to ‘correct the record’ to protect the ‘public confidence’ and ‘integrity’ of the social security system.

"The department confirmed they keep an eye on traditional media but to trawl social media is a new development that raises strong concerns.

"This looks to me more about trying to discourage people from speaking out.

“The Government should put resources into remedying incorrect debt notices that are causing distress to recipients. 

"I am deeply concerned that the Department doesn't have any understanding of the number of over payments are a result of Centrelink error and don't seem worried that they don't."