Diaspora Communities Are Heard; Australian Government Magnitsky Sanctions



This morning, the Australian Government announced targeted sanctions on 16 members of the Myanmar military regime’s governing State Administration Council (SAC), and Magnitsky-style sanctions on 16 Iranian individuals and one Iranian entity. 

Targeted sanctions on Myanmar come 2 years after the coup d’etat that has seen human rights abuses occur at the hands of the Myanmar junta regime. 

Further sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the brutal Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, target perpetrators of a regime held responsible for unjust executions, violence against peaceful protestors and the silencing of its citizens.

Australia has also imposed additional targeted financial sanctions on four Iranian individuals and four entities involved in the production and supply of drones to Russia. 

Quotes attributable to Australian Greens Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Senator Jordon Steele-John:

“The Australian Greens have been campaigning for Magnitsky-style sanctions to be used against Myanmar and Iran, alongside the community, for a very long time. This is welcome news. The targeted sanctions are exactly what the Magnitsky Act was put in place for.

“Today, diaspora communities have won. They have shown that when they speak up and campaign; the Australian Government will be forced to hear them. The Greens will always remain in solidarity with community voices and make sure they are amplified. 

“The community have shared with me this morning that the sanctions placed on both regimes could be broader. The community are relieved and reflecting on why it has taken the Australian Government so long to respond to egregious human rights abuses abroad.

“The people of Myanmar have been suffering for two years under a brutal regime, one which entities of our government have maintained engagement with. The Australian Greens are the only Australian political party to recognise the National Unity Government of Myanmar as the representative and democratic government of the people of  Myanmar. It is time for the Australian government to do the same.

“The community are also calling for the Australian Government to put in place further sanctions, including cutting off the jet fuel supply to the military junta and reducing the revenue available to the military junta by sanctioning the Ministry of Natural Gas and Energy in Myanmar. 

“The Iranian diaspora is continuing to call on the Australian Government to extend its targeted sanctions list and put heavier financial and travel restrictions on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. 

“The Australian Greens are committed to working with the community to have the Australian Government place further sanctions.”