Dutton must guarantee health services for Manus Island


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton must immediately clarify the status of medical care available to people seeking asylum on Manus Island.

"We are hearing that there are no doctors working today in the detention centres on PNG due to International Health and Medical Service failing to properly register its medical practitioners with the Papua New Guinean government," Greens Immigration spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"If this is true, Mr Dutton must take urgent action to ensure proper medical care is available to people who remain Australia's responsibility." 

"Given the ongoing mental and physical harm Australia is causing to detainees, it is absolutely essential that they have access to proper medical support."

"It is now 11 months since the Manus Island detention centre was declared illegal, and in that time Peter Dutton has sat on his hands while conditions for asylum seekers and refugees have continued to deteriorate."

"The only long term solution is to close the camps and bring the people in them to Australia."