Dutton’s backseat driving continues


Labor’s attempts to amend last week’s rushed and shoddy anti-refugee legislation with more rushed and shoddy anti-refugee legislation is just further proof that Peter Dutton is running the show, the Greens say.

“Labor has clearly learned nothing from last week. They let Dutton pressure them into trampling refugee rights with hasty and xenophobic legislation, and here they go again,” Greens Immigration and Citizenship spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

“They may as well re-appoint Peter Dutton as Minister for Home Affairs and be done with it.”

“This isn't leadership; it's a betrayal of principles in the face of political pressure.”

“They have completely folded in the face of a right wing scare campaign.”

“Again we see one group of people in our country treated more harshly than another just because they are not citizens.”

“Mandatory sentences are contrary to good governance and Labor’s own policy platform.”

“For Labor to introduce them today just shows that they are only interested in appeasing the far right.”

“Labor’s xenophobia is perpetuating a cycle of criminalisation and punitive control over refugees and migrants, many of whom have committed no crime whatsoever.”

“To the Teals, Mr Wilkie and Senator Pocock: we ask you to this time stand with us for refugee rights instead of collapsing again in the face of the political duopoly’s confected fear campaign.”