‘Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee’ needs to focus on how much people need to live - not what the Government feels like giving.


The Greens respond to formal review process on the rate of income support, warning that it needs to be independent and include the voices of people living in poverty.

Greens spokesperson for government services and social services, Senator Janet Rice said: 

“The 'Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee' could be great if it leads to meaningful change, it can’t be an excuse for more delays or a pathetic raise to the rate that still leaves people living in poverty.

“This review needs a clear methodology with a focus on how much people actually need to live, not what the Government feels like allocating in the budget. 

“It should be genuinely independent with public terms of reference, public hearings and public reporting. And it needs to hear from people actually living in poverty. 

“Last week the Greens provided the Government an easy opportunity to raise the rate and do something concrete for the people that need it most, and they joined the Liberals to vote it down.

“The cost of living crisis isn’t waiting for a review - people are living in poverty right now, they can’t afford to put food on the table right now, they can’t afford their medical bills right now. 

“The Greens will keep pushing to get concrete outcomes for people on income support so Australians don’t have to make decisions like which meals to skip because they have to pay the rent this week.”