Emissions bill facing roadblock following Labor’s gas fast-track


The Greens say that Labor’s continued attempts to weaken First Nations voices and fast-track new gas projects is a “roadblock” to the government passing national vehicle emissions standards. 

Prior to the watering down of the NVES, the Greens offered to pass the bill as initially proposed if Labor ceased trying to work with Peter Dutton’s Liberals to fast-track offshore gas using the OPGGS Amendments bill.

Since then, Labor and the Liberals have voted together to gag debate on the OPGGS bill and rush it through Parliament. 

With details of the NVES legislation still not public, modelling on the emissions reductions of the weakened bill is not yet available. However, in its original form, the climate gains from the plan would have been wiped out by a single project slated for approval under the OPGGS gas fast-track - the Santos’ Barossa project, which will release 380Mt of C02-e by 2050.

Lines attributable to Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt MP:

“Resources Minister Madeline King is a roadblock to passing the government’s EV Bill. Her attempts to fast-track gas have put a handbrake on getting emissions standards through parliament,” Mr Bandt said.

“Gas is as dirty as coal, but Labor wants to open more. If even one new big gas project is fast-tracked, it will wipe out all the climate gains from the EV plan.

“We offered to pass Labor’s vehicle emission standards, even though we thought they should go further, if Labor stopped working with the Liberals to try and fast-track gas projects. 

“It makes no sense for the Greens to work with Labor on vehicle emissions standards that gradually reduce emissions over 25 years, if Labor’s deal with Peter Dutton undoes all that with a single giant gas project.

“Labor needs to choose who they want to work with on climate. If Labor works with Peter Dutton and the climate deniers in the Coalition on laws to increase climate pollution, they’re betraying everyone who voted for a change of government to stop the Liberals writing climate policy. 

“If Labor really values the NVES Bill, Madeline King should withdraw her blatant attempt to ignore First Nations voices and fast-track climate-destroying gas projects.”