Environment Minister Lawyers up with Coal Companies against Environment, Community: Greens


"Minister Plibersek has one job as the Environment Minister, but rather than protecting the environment today, she is on the same side as coal companies lining up against the community and the environment.

"Today the Environment Minister's refusal to consider climate impacts on the environment are being challenged by a community group in the Federal Court.

"Lawyering up with the coal companies to defend the expansion of fossil fuels is defending the indefensible. 

"It should not be left to community groups to challenge the Environment Minister in court. We need strong environment laws that force the Environment Minister to assess climate impacts of new projects, without any room for excuses.

"This is why the Greens are fighting for a Climate Trigger that would close the loophole that these big coal companies keep exploiting.

"Our environment laws are broken if they do not protect the environment from its biggest challenge: global warming driven by fossil fuels. Every time this Government approves a new coal or gas project they are risking our Reef, our Murray-Darling Basin and the future of our children."