Environment Minister's approval of new coal mine in koala habitat is a betrayal


The Minister for the Environment has indicated her decision to approve the Isaac River coal mine in Queensland, giving the green light for destruction of endangered koala habitat.

Responding to this decision, Greens spokesperson for Environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

"In the same week the Albanese Government gave next to nothing in the Budget for protection and restoration of the environment, the Minister has signalled her intent to approve a new coal mine in endangered species’ habitat.

"This cynical announcement comes at the end of Budget week to avoid scrutiny.

"The Environment Minister is on track to be no better than the last one in the Morrison Government.

"You cannot meet a zero extinction target while destroying habitat. This government clearly isn’t serious about saving our wildlife.

"Australia’s environment laws are clearly broken. Polluting projects are failing to be assessed for the emissions they create. We desperately need a climate trigger which will stop new coal and gas in its tracks."