Forced deportations begin on Manus Island


The Australian government must urgently intervene to halt the forced deportation of Australia's detainees on Manus Island.

"Under the cover of darkness, at least one person seeking asylum has been forcibly removed from Manus Island," Greens Immigration spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"With the illegal detention centre being forced to close and the uncertainty around the US 'deal', this seems to be Peter Dutton's only 'solution' to the humanitarian crisis he has overseen."

"The people being detained on the illegal Manus Island detention centre sought and deserve Australia's protection."

"Forcibly deporting them trashes their human rights, and places Australia and Papua New Guinea in flagrant breach of their international human rights obligations."

"It is incumbent on the Australian government to ensure that the legal rights of all detainees are being protected, including all avenues of appeal."

"The government also needs to ensure that Papua New Guinea Police and private security guards do not continue to unnecessarily escalate tensions with their heavy-handed approach."