Fuel excise Budget cut may vanish but housing crisis and student debt will remain


Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP, says temporary Federal Budget cuts to fuel excise may not even make it to people’s pockets, and that rather than proceeding with Stage 3 tax cuts and temporary excise cuts, the government should tackle major cost of living pressures by building affordable housing and wiping student debt. The Greens have said they will reserve their position on any government fuel excise announcement until the details are released.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

“A temporary Budget cut to fuel excise may not even make its way to people’s pockets. There’s every chance that world oil prices or profiteering from oil corporations will wipe out any gains to motorists overnight, at very substantial cost to the budget. 

“To really reduce cost of living pressures, the government should wipe student debt and build 1 million affordable homes that people can rent for 25% of their income or buy for $300,000. 

“That would be much fairer, better and cheaper than proceeding with Stage 3 tax cuts and temporarily cutting fuel excise. 

“The lesson the government should be taking from skyrocketing petrol prices is that an economy based on coal, gas and oil is vulnerable to world events. By shifting to renewables and electric vehicles, Australia will be energy independent and motorists will be better off.