Goodbye to the Cashless Debit Card


Australian Greens Social Services spokesperson Senator Janet Rice has welcomed the end of the cashless debit card after the bill passed tonight. 

Senator Rice said: 

“Today is a big day for the more than 12,000 people who will be able to exit compulsory income management. 

“Anyone living in Ceduna SA , the Goldfields and East Kimberley regions of WA and the Bundaberg- Hervey Bay region of Queensland who has been on the CDC will finally be able to control their own finances again. 

“They’ll be able to buy clothes for their kids at second hand stores; pay cash for fruit and veg at the markets and buy goods online rather than having most of their income quarantined on a debit card.  

“The CDC has been extremely harmful to thousands of people and it's great to see the back of it.

“We are pleased the government agreed to our amendment for the Minister to report on progress on a transition plan in each of the four communities, outlining the extra services and supports that will be available to these communities after the cashless debit card is abolished.

“The Greens welcome the end of the Cashless Debit Card today but the fight isn't over.

“Across Australia, more than twenty thousand people are still trapped on compulsory income management, which we know is punitive, harmful and completely ineffective.

“The Greens welcome the passing of this bill, but want to see all forms of compulsory income management abolished for good.

“The government needs to address the underlying structural factors that contribute to disadvantage beyond CDC. We call on the government to listen to communities for solutions rather than trying to control them."