Government must fast-track non-specific option on DHS forms so that non-binary students can continue to receive youth allowance: Greens


The Government’s failure to promptly roll out an unspecified gender option for government-issued forms has had a tangible effect on non-binary university students, who are having their youth allowance payments cut off, Australian Greens senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“Including a non-specific option in internal Government systems like Centrelink is not just symbolic, transgender and non-binary people need this option to receive income support payments.

“This is discrimination and has now had a tangible adverse effect on non-binary students. Vulnerable young people could be thrown under the poverty line over this and it needs to be urgently addressed.

“I understand the deadline for rolling out a non-specific option across Government departments was July last year. Why has this deadline been missed? This is a question that Government must answer.

“I urge the Government to fast-track this so there are not further implications that hurt non-binary and transgender people”.