Green is GO! Greens ready to fight for South Australia


As the official election campaign is called, the Greens have launched their bid to put South Australia and climate action front and centre, with the party vying to double their representation in SA and balance of power in the Senate.

The Greens will run candidates in every seat and will campaign hard to elect Barbara Pocock to join Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in the Senate following the election on May 21.

“Finally, the Prime Minister has called the election. We now have 40 days to kick the Morrison Government out and secure a strong Green voice for the environment and South Australia,” South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

“This election will be make or break for our climate. Voters in South Australia are in a powerful position with their votes determining which party will hold balance of power in the Senate. The Greens will stand up for SA and hold the Government to account.

“We have a real chance to elect a second Senator here in SA. With Barbara Pocock joining me in Canberra the result will be action on climate change, better representation for women and stamping out inequality.

“Barbara is strong, independent and fair-minded. She will fight hard for our state,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

Introducing Barbara Pocock – Greens Senate Candidate for South Australia.

Barbara is an economist who grew up on a mallee farm near Lameroo and has worked in many jobs – from shearing sheds to the Reserve Bank. She established and led the Centre for Work + Life at UniSA which studied the way work affects men, women and children, and is an Emeritus Professor in UniSA’s Business School. The author of many books and an international expert on employment, she was awarded an AM in 2010 for services to industrial relations and advocacy for social justice. She was a member of the state’s Economic Development Board. She is a mother of two and a grandmother.

“I want to see South Australians better supported to meet basic health needs, eliminate climate anxiety for our young families and create a more level playing field,” Professor Barbara Pocock said.

“As an economist in our relatively rich country I know we can afford to provide better care to our people. We need to end the handouts to the Liberals’ and Labor’s big corporate donors and the fossil fuels industry and invest in electric cars and real action on climate change.

“It will go a long way to easing the pressure younger generations have been saddled with by cruel Liberal policies and making our planet a safer place.

“I want to see strong action on climate change, the protection of our river and Bight, and more integrity in our political system, including a strong ICAC and election funding reform.

“By joining Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in the senate, I can put all my experience as an economist, researcher, carer and passionate advocate for our environment, to good purpose for South Australians."

The South Australia Greens have preselected all their candidates for the May 21 poll.


Full list of Greens candidates standing for election in South Australia:


  1. Barbara Pocock
  2. Major Moogy Sumner
  3. Melanie Selwood

House of Representatives:

Adelaide – Rebecca Galdies

Barker - Rosa Hillam

Boothby - Jeremy Carter

Grey - Tim White

Hindmarsh - Patrick O'Sullivan

Kingston - John Photakis

Makin - Emma Mustaca

Mayo - Greg Elliott

Spence - David Deex

Sturt - Katie McCusker