Greens and Labor back Live Performance Insurance Guarantee laws


The Greens and Labor have backed new laws for the establishment of a Live Performance Insurance Guarantee in a joint Senate committee report into the legislation released today.

Greens Arts Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young who introduced the legislation in August said:

“The Greens, Labor, state and territory governments and the live performance industry all back this move which would help get shows back on the road.

“After close to two years of calls for it, an insurance guarantee for the live performance industry is well overdue.

“Our artists, musicians and their crews are being devastated by another season of events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and live performances being cancelled and the insurance industry just isn’t there to help them.

“There has been a clear market failure and the government must step in and underwrite an insurance scheme.

“A Federal Insurance Guarantee will plug this massive hole in the insurance market and help get our shows back on the road well into the future.

“Living with covid will mean living without many gigs, festivals and events if they can’t get insurance and have to keep taking massive financial hits.

“The live performance sector isn’t asking for a hand-out, it is asking for a product that isn’t available to them and one that is fit for purpose. Tours traverse state borders, it is quite obvious a national approach to helping the industry is needed.

“This legislation could be passed by the parliament this sitting period. The majority report of the government-controlled committee has ignored the evidence and economic benefits of filling this gap in the market. I urge the Prime Minister to rethink this position before parliament resumes next week.”

The report can be found here.