Greens announce bill to impose curfew on late nights flights from Brisbane Airport


With Brisbane Airport set to double its traffic by 2035, Greens MP Elizabeth Watson-Brown today announced plans to bring peace and a good night’s sleep to thousands of Brisbane residents impacted by flight noise.

The bill introduces hourly caps on flights, a late night curfew on non-emergency flights over Brisbane and brings in a long-term plan to move more flights over the water rather than over the city—in line with similar legislation that successfully manages flight noise over Sydney.

Anthony Albanese himself campaigned for Sydney’s cap and curfew regulations in 1996 and now refuses to support grassroots campaigns in Brisbane calling for the same peace of mind.

Catherine King, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, has repeatedly refused to meet with the local community over flight noise—and dared Brisbane residents to protest about it at her National Press Club address in March.

In response, the community organised a massive protest outside Brisbane Airport Corporation’s headquarters in June which attracted more than a thousand attendees.

The Brisbane Airport Curfew and Demand Management Bill 2023 follows strong grassroots campaigns across Brisbane and thousands of conversations Brisbane’s Greens MPs Elizabeth Watson-Brown, Max Chandler-Mather and Stephen Bates have had over the last two years.

The bill is set to be debated in October.

Quotes attributable to Elizabeth Watson-Brown, MP for Ryan and Greens spokesperson for Infrastructure, Transport and Sustainable Cities:

It’s time the government listens to the Brisbane community on flight noise. Their ask is simple: they want a curfew and cap on flights just like Sydney has.

Anthony Albanese got into Parliament in 1996 having campaigned strongly for Sydney’s cap and curfew — but now that he’s Prime Minister, he is backing private airport profits over the needs of our community.

We’re calling on every Liberal and Labor politician whose job it is to represent the people of Brisbane to join us in supporting this bill—so Brisbane can get a good night’s sleep.