Greens boycott Question Time after Labor rejects ceasefire call on Gaza


Monday November 6 2023

Today in Parliament the Labor Government again refused to support a call from the Greens for an immediate ceasefire to protect innocent civilians in Gaza amid a soaring civilian death toll.

In Question Time today the Greens asked Labor to back the United Nations call for a ceasefire, following Labor’s refusal, all Australian Greens Senators exited in protest.

The Australian Greens have condemned the hostage-taking and killing of innocent civilians by Hamas and by the state of Israel.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi is Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and led the call for a ceasefire and subsequent boycott of Question Time today:

“We are witnessing the State of Israel’s horrific war crimes in Gaza, with almost ten thousand massacred including more than 4000 children. The Australian Government must back the United Nations call for an immediate ceasefire.

“Today the Australian Greens left Question Time in protest because, like millions of Australians, we have been shocked, horrified and angered by the massacre of innocent people in Gaza. It is unacceptable that the Labor government refuses to push for a ceasefire in the face of these atrocities.

“Millions are marching around the world for peace in Palestine but our Government is failing to listen and act. Today, we proudly brought the people’s protest into Parliament so that Labor can no longer ignore the call for an immediate ceasefire.

“Supporting the United Nations call for a ceasefire is one of the most basic steps the Australian Government could take. Why has it not happened already? The violence, the war crimes and the illegal occupation must end.

“The PM and the Foreign Minister should show some guts and rightfully condemn the State of Israel and demand a ceasefire.

“The Greens are the only party in parliament calling for an immediate ceasefire.”