Greens call for the establishment of a Music Australia agency as part of the upcoming National Cultural Policy


On the last day of AusMusic Month, the Greens are calling for the establishment of a government agency Music Australia.

Music Australia would be a dedicated contemporary music agency tasked with growing and developing the industry and addressing evolving challenges.

Greens spokesperson for the arts, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“After a decade of being ignored, being hit with Covid cancellations and now facing extreme weather threats, the music industry is asking for our support. We must answer this call.

“Unlike the film and television industries, contemporary music doesn’t have a dedicated agency. A Music Australia agency would be critical for coordinating a cross government strategic plan to ensure the longevity of their industry.

“Australia has so many talented music artists, producers and managers. If they are to reach their full potential, now is the time to commit and invest to set the industry up for success.

“I hope that Minister Burke will listen to the calls from the music industry, and make a government agency for Australian music a core part of the Albanese Government’s upcoming National Cultural Policy.”

Senator Hanson-Young's speech on Music Australia in the Senate today