Greens call for new environment laws to stop native forest logging to protect wildlife on World Environment Day


This World Environment Day the Greens are calling on the Government to back environmental laws that end native forests logging and the clearing of koala habitat. 

Lines attributable to Greens spokesperson for the Environment, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young:

“Today on World Environment Day it is time for the Albanese Government to put an end to native forest logging and the clearing of critical habitats. It’s time for the Environment Minister to cuddle fewer koalas and instead stop the logging of their homes. 

“The biggest threat to our wildlife is habitat destruction. Yet threatened species’ habitat continues to be destroyed at an alarming rate without assessment under our environment laws.

“Since April, the Environment Minister has had a list of 62 threatened species waiting for conservation protection on her desk. Yet nothing has been done to offer these species a lifeline and prevent them from becoming extinct. The Minister has the power to change this today with a ban on destroying their homes.

“The Federal Government has promised to introduce new environment laws by the end of year. The test for Labor is whether they actually protect the environment or simply fast-track approvals for mining companies and big developers. The laws will need the support of the Senate and Greens won’t be rubber-stamping anything. 

“The Environment Minister herself has acknowledged that our environmental laws are broken. If she is serious about making them fit for purpose to protect our wildlife, she must commit to a ban on native forest logging and ensure our new laws will adequately assess the clearing of threatened species habitat. 

“Words will not save our wildlife – we need urgent action. Now is the time for the Albanese Government to work with the Greens to implement a national ban on native forest logging and strong environment laws that protect our precious wildlife from extinction.”