Greens condemn Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza, condemn Labor’s failure to vote for ceasefire


The Greens have reiterated their calls for a ceasefire and condemned Australia’s failure to vote for a humanitarian ceasefire at the UN General Assembly as Israel’s ground assault commences in Palestine.

Attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt:

“The Greens condemn Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza, which will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, and we repeat our call for a ceasefire.

“Yesterday, Labor failed to vote with most of the world for a ceasefire at the UN General Assembly.

“Labor cannot wash its hands of what happens now.

“By failing to back a ceasefire and continuing to approve defence exports to Israel, Labor shares responsibility for the unfolding catastrophe in Gaza.

“Labor has backed Israel’s military cutting off communications for civilians, aid workers and journalists, plunging Gaza into darkness and hiding the horror of what happens next.

“Instead of working hand in glove with the US, Labor should be using Australia’s diplomatic pressure to demand an immediate ceasefire and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine so that Israelis and Palestinians can have a just and lasting peace.”