Greens condemn Woolnorth Road Virtual Fence Project vandalism


The Greens have condemned the alleged vandalism that occurred last night to the Woolnorth Road Virtual Fence Project, designed to mitigate roadkill of a healthy Tasmanian devil population in north west Tasmania. 

Comments attributable to Greens Senator for Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson:

“This senseless and infuriating act of vandalism is to be condemned, but we must not allow it to deter or slow our efforts to protect Tasmanian devils from becoming roadkill, especially not in one of the last remaining bastions for healthy devils in Tasmania. 

“I expect the police to conduct a thorough investigation into this incident, and hope Circular Head Council will now put in place security measures - such as hidden cameras - to protect this critical mitigation project. 

“There are numerous factors threatening the Tasmanian devil’s chance of survival, and what this frustrating event highlights very clearly is that our response to these threats must be diverse.

“Increased signage, awareness/education campaigns, changes to speed limits, high density devil crossing mitigation measures, removal of roadkill, roadside mowing, and other measures must all be considered in the fight to protect the Tasmanian devil.”