Greens demand transparency and truth on Great Barrier Reef report


A report requested by Unesco on the state of the Great Barrier Reef remains in question after the Morrison Government’s failure to publish its findings due to Unesco at 10am AEDT today. 
The Morrison Government was urged to produce the report ahead of the Unesco World Heritage Committee’s vote in June on whether to declare the Reef on its list of World Heritage sites ‘in danger’.  
Quotes attributable to Greens Healthy Oceans spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson: 
“The Morrison Government has either failed to produce the report at all, or it is hiding it from public view. Given the hopelessness of this Government, both are equally possible. 
“I suspect that if the report is complete it paints a damning picture that no amount of Morrison Government preamble, spin or carefully schemed cash splashes can fix - which is why the Government would be so desperate to keep it hidden. 
“The biggest threat to the Great Barrier Reef is climate change. Burning fossil fuels are literally cooking our oceans and killing marine ecosystems everywhere. 
“The Morrison Government had ample warning and opportunity to show global leadership and compel global action on climate change by accepting its part to play in reducing fossil fuel emissions. 
“Instead it’s chosen every trick in the book to distract from the fact that it has prioritised coal mines and gas projects over the health of the reef. 
“The fatal mismanagement of the Great Barrier Reef is an indictment on the Morrison Government.
“The Greens call on the Morrison Government to either release the report, or explain why it has failed to meet its deadline."
Quotes attributable to Greens Environment Spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young:
“The Reef is dying on the Morrison Government’s watch. No amount of hiding the facts or spinning the truth will save it. 
“The Great Barrier Reef is in danger because of climate change and pollution, and the Morrison Government’s support for the coal and gas industry is making it worse. 
“The Environment Minister must front up to Parliament next week and tell the Australian people the truth about the damage done to one of the nation’s most iconic places."