Greens-led Live Exports Ban Bill Passes Federal Senate - Morrison Must Support an end to the “Trade in Misery”


A Greens bill that would ban live sheep exports has passed the Australian Senate. It would immediately ban the export of live sheep and lambs to the riskiest shipping routes through the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf during the Northern Summer, and then ban their export to these regions completely over a five year transitional period. Senator Faruqi is calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to allow the bill to be debated with a free vote in the House of Representatives. The bill was co-sponsored by the Greens, Senator Derryn Hinch and Senator Tim Storer.


Australian Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi said: 


“The Senate has agreed with the majority of Australians who want an end to this cruel trade in misery. The only thing now standing in the way of this bill becoming law is Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


“The ball is now in Prime Minister’s court. We know that this bill has majority support in the House of Representatives. Scott Morrison should allow a debate and a free vote to end the horrors and suffering of the live export trade. No amount of tinkering around the edges will stop the misery of animals, so the question is will he continue to support this cruel industry?


“The sheer breadth of support for this bill shows that animal welfare is well and truly on the political agenda. The live export business model is built on cruelty. Deaths from high temperatures, illness, injury and starvation on board the ships are unavoidable with thousands of sheep dying on voyages.


“Like many others, I was completely sickened by the footage of sheep being cooked to death on these live export ships. But Australians are even more sickened by the fact that this trade has been allowed to continue.


“With the passing of this bill, the clock is well and truly ticking for the cruel live export trade. The reality is that no reform can change the fact that live exports are completely incompatible with animal welfare.


“The Greens have been opposed to live exports since day one, so it is incredibly heartening to see this bill has passed the Senate and is so close to becoming law. We remain committed to ending live exports entirely and this bill would eliminate the worst aspects of the trade.

“I want to pay tribute to Lee Rhiannon whose hard work and passion for animals has driven this campaign for the Greens,” she concluded.