Greens to move for senate inquiry into new online trolling laws


Greens Spokesperson for Media and Communications Senator Sarah Hanson-Young responded to the Morrison Government’s announcement today it will introduce new laws in relation to online trolls and defamation, calling for the legislation to be sent to a senate inquiry: 

“The Greens have been calling for greater regulation of the tech giants for a long time. There is clearly a big problem with abuse and slurs on social media. 

“Tech giants like Facebook - owned by a billionaire - make money off people’s outrage, pile ons and online division. The platform has become an essential service, but is not regulated like other public spaces. 

“Governments have failed to keep up with regulations online and now we are playing catch up. 

“The question today is whether the Morrison Government has come up with a workable solution to actually address online harms or if it is just more election-time huff and puff. 

“The Greens will this week move for the legislation to be sent to a senate inquiry for a thorough examination and to hear from experts.

“We know this government cannot be trusted and is only out to protect themselves. A senate inquiry will help to determine if that’s all they are doing with these new laws.”